Our Junior Crew programme is designed for children between three and five years of age, and offers four different class levels – all running for 25 minutes.  Each class has a clear objective as well as a water safety element, and the child has four goals to pass before they progress to the next level.  All classes are taken by one of our qualified instructors, who collectively hold the following qualifications:

Swimming NZ New Zealand Certificate in Swim Teaching, Swimming NZ Early Childhood in Water; Swimming NZ Teaching Swimmers with a Disability, Swimming NZ ASTA, Elite Pre School, British Amateur Swimming Ass Full Swimming Teacher, British Amateur Swimming Ass Adult & Child; Massey University papers in The Developing Child, How Children Learn, Language Development, Behaviour Management, Red Cross First Aid Certificate.

Our four class levels follow the swimming progression objectives of submerging, floating, kicking, and stroking, and are set out as follows:


The Jolly Roger Junior Crew


• Freestyle

• Backstroke

• Endurance kicking

• Water safety - front > back rotation







Third Mate

• Submersion

• Assisted  floating - front and back

• Assisted kicking - front and back

• Water safety - entries/exits
from side of pool



Second Mate

• Unassisted floating - front and back

• Push and glide

• Kicking with board - front and back

• Water safety - Uturns, monkey walks



First Mate

• Streamlined kicking on front

• Freestyle with board

• Kicking on back without board

• Water safety - back > front rotation






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