To read more about each class level plus see a timetable, please view either the Treasured Tots (for babies and tots) page, the Junior Crew page (for pre-school) or The Pirates page (for school age).
Our classes are set out in the following table.



Babies & Tots
School Age
Treasured Tots
Third Mate
Second Mate
First Mate


Black Beard
One Eyed Jack
Captain Kidd
Captain Hook
Jack Sparrow


Pre School

Class Levels

Treasured Tots (Babies and Tots)

Our Treasured Tots class is based on age, and physical / cognitive / emotional development, rather than on goals.

Junior Crew (Pre-school) and The Pirates (School Age)

Our pre school and school age levels are based on goals (each level has four goals which must be achieved before the child can progress to the next level).  Once a child has passed our goals of the Jack Sparrow level, they are ready to move on to the Russell Geange Swim Academy  (we formed the goals of the Jack Sparrow level in consultation with Russell, in line with what he wanted the swimmers to achieve before we passed them on to him).  We are proud to have formed a strong relationship with the RGSA, thus ensuring each child has the opportunity and support to move on to competitive swimming.

It is important to remember all children learn in different ways, and at different rates.  We cannot put a timeframe on when your child will be ready to move to the next level, however, we do keep stringent records of all the children’s ability, and we are happy to inform you at any stage of what your child has achieved in the class, and what they need to achieve before they can move to the next level.

You will receive a goal check list at the end of the term indicating what goals your child has achieved.


Children Learn at different rates


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